Consultant/ Contractual jobs at World Health Organization and Other Companies in Kenya

Deadline of this Job: 14 November 2022

Purpose of consultancy
To contribute to various activities within the biosafety and biosecurity team including the following critical areas:
WHO biosafety risk assessment tool development.
Virtual Reality (VR) immersive training modules management.
Electronic infectious substances shipping training (eISST) course management, including enrolment and update of its database system.

Deliverable 1:

• Sense checks the draft WHO biosafety risk assessment tool and amend as necessary.
• Perform internal test running of the risk assessment tool and further develop as required.
• Contribute to the conversion of the risk assessment tool into App format.
• Expected by: 31.01.2023.

Deliverable 2:
• Contribute to the development of the VR training modules alongside the VR package service provider ensuring accurate inclusion of biosafety information.
• Test run the end products.
• Expected by: 31.03.2023