NGO - Non Government Organisations jobs at Christian Aid and Other Companies in kenya

Deadline of this Job: 25 November 2022

About the role
This is an exciting time for a new Christian Aid Climate Justice lead we have just restrategised to refocus Christian Aid's Climate Justice work on Climate Finance, Resilience Building /Adaptation and the Green Transition. Recognising that climate change hits people living in poverty hardest and that energy poverty is one of the biggest barriers to development, this role pull together these strands of work into a coherent strategy building on many years of climate policy expertise, programming and working with an extensive global partner network to deliver transformative change for people living in poverty. The role will also support our fundraising teams, share their expertise, and build relationships with donors to build new and exciting transformational programmes on Climate Justice.
Christian Aid's superpower is our extensive partner network and we aim to manage t this network using partnership principles which embody integrity, transparency and shifting power to the global south.

About you
• You will be a climate policy expert in one of the fields we work in, who is an experienced networker able to influence at all levels, as at home within the UNFCCC as with a grassroots women's group in a village in Kenya. Comfortable with both qualitative and quantitive research methods you will be able to demonstrate how you have developed policy and used your advocacy experience to make significant change in the Climate Justice area and within climate negotiations.
• You will have proven experience of publishing high quality policy products please include hyper-links to these publications with your application).
• You will have team management experience and see the importance of team work as key to an organisation's success.
• You will be able to display expertise of working within a diverse network and an ability to manage partners with integrity.
• Competency questions to be answered to be considered for the position.

As part of your application you will be asked to demonstrate your suitability by giving answers to the following questions:
• Can you tell us about a time where you have managed a dispersed team in different geographies to deliver change on Climate Justice, please outline at least two separate successes.
• Explain how you undertaken policy analysis and used this to build a position for an organisation
• Partnership is very important to Christian Aid can you tell us about a time that you have worked in partnership to deliver an advocacy outcome, why did you choose this approach and what were the results

Deadline of this Job: 21 November 2022

Partnership development and support
• Lead the development of program intervention strategies in selected subsectors, identifying long and short term partners.
• Support local partners and volunteers in developing needs assessments and capacity building plans in order to identify and achieve expected program results in Uganda.
• Support local partners in identifying areas where they need support and assist them in translating needs into realistic volunteer mandates.
• Facilitate the establishment of partner committees and encourage collaboration and synergy among their members.
• Promote the establishment of agreements with local partners and, in certain cases, between in-country partners and Canadian partners.
• Support partners and volunteers in identifying and securing financing to ensure the ongoing sustainability of Program activities.
• Develop linkages with private sector companies of interest in relation to the development of inclusive markets.

Volunteer mobilization and support
• In collaboration with local partners, program support volunteers and the Program Manager, implement procedures to support volunteers to gain entry and upon arrival in Kenya and for their entire stay in the country (Visas, housing, security, living and working conditions, end of contract issues and emergency medical evacuations) with consideration for how conditions may affect women and men differently.
• Participate in the recruitment process for Global South volunteers.
• Organize appropriate training/orientation sessions, taking into account the specifics of each mandate, in preparation for the arrival of North-South volunteers and the departure of South-North volunteers.

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