Legal Jobs at IDLO - International Development Law Organization, Flexi-Personnel and Options Consultancy Services Limited

Deadline of this Job: 16 December 2022

In this regard, the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) has partnered with the International Associaton of Women Judges- Kenya Chapter (IAWJ Kenya Chapter) to support the Judiciary to engage a consultant to develop court practice direction for the Specialized SGBV Court. The practice direction will be used to standardise the Specialized SGBV Court processes for enhanced access to justice, timely and efficient disposal of cases, ensure uniformity in court experience, and promote the use of technology in court proceedings.

The Consultant’s duties and responsibilities will include:
• Inception meeting with the Judiciary, IAWJ Kenya Chapter and IDLO to discuss the TORs and scope of the assignment, methodology, and expectations, and develop an inception report demonstrating an understanding of the assignment.
• Undertake a robust desk research of the ideal and best practices in the management of SGBV cases regionally and internationally.
• Conduct wider stakeholder consultations and engagement during the process of developing the court practice directions, including the review of the national, regional, and international regulatory frameworks on the management of SGBV.
• Informed by the findings of the assessment, develop Specialized SGBV court practice directions, integrating the victims-centred approach.
• Integrate the principles of equality and non-discrimination into court practice directions developed.
• Present the draft Specialized SGBV court practice directions in stakeholder consultative meetings for feedback.
• Consider and incorporate feedback from stakeholder consultations into the final Court Practice Directions, and present the same during the validation and launch.
• Refine and submit the final Specialized SGBV court practice and directions to Judiciary, IAWJ Kenya Chapter and IDLO.

• An Inception Report detailing the understanding of the assignment, methodology, timelines, work plan, potential risks, and mitigation measures.
• A Specialized SGBV courts Best Practices Assessment Report on the investigation, prosecution and determination of SGBV cases.
• A Court Practice Directions for the Specialized SGBV Courts, presented in a publication format.
• An Assignment Completion Report and sources of information relied upon.

• The consultancy contracts will run for three months, from December 2022 to May 2023.

Job Requirements
The Consultant should have the following skills, qualifications, and experience:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Law from a university recognised in Kenya.
• Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.
• A master’s degree in any of the above fields is an added advantage.

Work experience
• A minimum of 10-15 years of professional experience in access to justice, criminal justice investigation and prosecution.
• Demonstrable understanding of the nuanced nature of SGBV.
• Demonstrated experience in criminal justice and penal reforms.
• Demonstrated skills and experience delivering on similar assignments.
• Sound knowledge of ongoing criminal justice reforms in the justice sector.
• Demonstrable experience in legal drafting or curriculum development

Technical competencies
• Demonstrated legal analysis, research and writing skills, including proof of writing.
• Development of manual experience is also necessary
• Excellent organisational, interpersonal, and communication skills.
• Excellent work ethic founded on the principles of integrity and confidentiality.
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs and other relevant computer applications.

Deadline of this Job: 08 December 2022
Duties And Responsibilities
• To be the single point of contact for the company on claims and manage the claims resolution process.
• Oversee the intake and processing of insurance claims for all classes of business loss based on coverage, appraisal and verifiable damage.
• Determining and delegating claims settlement authorization within the company
• Provide technical guidance to staff on claim investigation, reserving evaluation and resolution of claims.
• Conduct audits of the claims process with a view to improving efficiency and participant experience.
• Completes field re-inspections of vendor or employee claims to ensure proper claim handling and compliance with company procedures.
• Assists in the coordination of third-party service providers in all claims processes.
• Participates in training and/or mentoring of departmental staff
• Develops, analyzes and reports KPIs useful in measuring team performance as well as the effectiveness of the claim’s operations.
• To maintain a verifiable claims register.
• Coaching and mentoring Claims team members to improve participant experience and practices for claim quality assurance.
• Report to CEO on service standards and compliance requirements with IRA
• Review complex claims cases with a view of resolving them amicably.

Management Responsibilities
• To be responsible for the set-up, management, and coordination of the claims department.
• Supervise & review the performance of the Claims Department and other administrative matters within the department.
• To be responsible for the coordination of outsourced specialists.
• To report to the CEO and the Board on claims management performance.
• Participate in the review of SLA agreements with 3rd Party providers.

Qualification, Experience, And Skills
Minimum Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in any business-related field.
• Excellent reporting skills.

• Minimum of Six (6) years of work experience
• 3 years of working experience in a similar role.

Deadline of this Job: 16 December 2022
The holder of this role will work along TGG communications team to ensure advocacy and communications messages are aligned at all time, across countries and partners, and supports with identifying and implementing external opportunities for advocacy & campaigning at the global and regional level.
The position will be responsible for:
• Providing substantive support to the planning and design of outreach/advocacy strategies and plans for the programme.
• Supporting the design, implementation and assessment of TGG’s advocacy strategies and campaigns
• Supporting movement building, partnerships and resource leveraging work
• Knowledge and Research
• Representing Options’ and ALM’s broader interests

Person specification:
To succeed in this role, you will have:
• Graduate degree in relevant subject or equivalent professional experience
• Proven ability to support coordination of complex international advocacy and communications interventions, with experience in relevant African countries
• Previous experience in leveraging the resources of national governments and partners and building strategic alliances and partnerships.
• Experience of developing and maintaining successful relationships and partnerships with a diverse range of organisations and consultants
• Significant experience working on gender, women’s empowerment or ending FGM programmes and campaigns.
• Experience in developing and managing the rollout of communications programmes and media strategies
• Ability to communicate sensitively, effectively and creatively across different constituencies