Consultant Contractual Jobs at Palladium International, Fairtrade International and Ipas Africa and

Deadline of this Job: 30 December 2022

Project Overview And Role

The purpose of this request for applications is to solicit for a communication specialist to support the NPI EXPAND Kenya in documenting and communicating key successes and lessons learnt. The work will be undertaken in Narok county.

The Specific Tasks For This Assignment Are To
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

• Provide technical support to NPI EXPAND Kenya (including grantees) in identifying key activities for documentation and the various ways that the information can be documented e.g., articles, blogposts, case studies and infographics.
• Support grantees to map specific platforms and networks in which they will share their success stories.
• Prepare tools and formats that will be used by grantees to document the successes of the project.
• Produce communication materials that depict different successes of the work of different grantees. This includes articles, photographs, case studies, blogs, and infographics.
• Support documentation of the learning questions
• Develop a quarterly bulletin for the project for sharing with both internal and external stakeholders.
• Train and mentor, the grantees on how to capture and document success stories for sharing in their respective communication platforms and with other stakeholders.
• Organize media coverage for key health days e.g., the world contraception day, menstrual hygiene day.

Expected Outputs
• An inception report that will include:

• Areas identified for documentation based on the project objectives, donor interest and grantee workplans
• The agreed ways that the information will be documented
• Tools, templates/formats that will be used for documentation/collection of information by the grantees
• A training/mentorship report on building the capacity of grantees on documenting success stories
• A variety of communication materials - articles, photographs, case studies, blogs, and infographics to communicate project successes
• Quarterly bulletins with success stories on thematic areas identified in consultation with the SBCC consultant
• Three (3) learning questions documented in form of a case study/brief/abstract

Required Qualifications
• To be considered for this assignment, the applicants must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:
• At least 7 years of experience with excellent writing skills, professional journalism background or serving as a communications person or an NGO or international development organization would be desirable.
• Ability to identify, analyse and package high impact success for documentation
• Skills and experience in high quality photography
• High level production and editorial skills
• Ability to train and mentor individuals and institutions on writing success stories
• Ability and flexibility to work with multiple stakeholders in executing similar assignments. This will include other consultants, grantees, and the project team members
• In-depth understanding and consciousness of gender and culturally sensitive communication
• Demonstrated experience of documenting and communicating family planning, maternal health, or sexual reproductive health issues in Kenya or in a similar context is an added advantage

Deadline of this Job: 28 December 2022
Application Process
The proposal from consultants should include the following elements:
• The lump-sum fee indicating the breakdown of all costs. This fee should be inclusive of ALL considerations.
• Designer profile CV (with experience and qualifications, portfolio of previous works-web links),
• Proposed delivery timeline based on the deadlines provided in this document.
• Consultant(s) are encouraged to include any additional information they believe demonstrates added value within the scope of this assignment.

Deadline of this Job: 28 December 2022
Key Responsibilities
Program Management and Analytics
• Lead multi-phase high-level planning of Alliance programs, in support of the Alliance strategy and Theory of Change. Integrate organizational focus through measurement and consistent program reviews
• Centrally monitor timelines, performance, and track major milestones against targets using suitable metrics, and provide updates and escalate issues to Senior Leadership, as needed
• Identify areas of concern and ensure cost efficiency is achieved.

Communication and Relationship Building
• Get significant program work done through cooperation with other Alliance units who have no direct reporting relationship to the position
• Meet regularly with initiative project leads and department heads to understand initiative progress, anticipate potential roadblocks to value capture, and actively resolve challenges by serving as a thought partner to make decisions on day-to-day execution and raising relevant issues to the Senior Leadership Team for further action
• Keep leadership apprised of all program elements including operations, deadlines, revisions, and financial status (as needed).
• Communicate and cascade information to employees in a timely manner and actively participate in the success of cross-organizational programs and initiatives

Manage Staff
• Oversee day to day responsibilities of Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator. Set clear goals and objectives for the team and use metrics to measure performance and hold team accountable
• Motivate and encourage team; lead through change and adversity. Make decisions as needed and build consensus as appropriate
• Monitor the welfare, morale and professional/career trajectory of the project team in order to ensure a healthy and supportive work environment
• Provide coaching to improve performance and hold regular development discussions with direct reports. Recognize staff for their contributions

Issue identification and resolution
• Engage in root cause analysis, often without prompting from the Senior Leadership Team or others, on issues and opportunities that could impact Ipas Africa Alliance’s strategic agenda
• Confirm hypotheses through tactful and discrete engagement with the relevant parties
• Develop alternative approaches to addressing the problem or opportunity

Qualifications And Experience
• 7+ years of managerial experience required, preferably in a public health, SRHR advocacy, or international setting
• Formal project management training or certification highly desired
• A passion for excellence, and a unique ability to build strong relationships
• Strong analytical, quantitative, problem-solving, good judgement and project management skills
• First class organizational skills, with a strong ability to prioritize
• Master’s degree in either public or global health and/or master’s degree in Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Business Administration, or any other related field.
• Able to successfully navigate within varying degrees of ambiguity in a fast-paced environment
• Exemplary interpersonal skills and ability to effectively collaborate with culturally diverse staff across departments and countries
• Commitment to reproductive justice and social equity