Consultant/ Contractual jobs at Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and Other Companies in Kenya

Deadline of this Job: 20 January 2023

Terms Of Reference (Tor) For Consultancy Service
• Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK) is seeking a competent consultancy firm to carry out rationalization and salary reviews in view of the changing economic environment.
• Due to the emerging business opportunities and environment, the organization aims to reorganize and reposition itself in the market, strengthen its meritocracy and accountability as well as transform its operational parameters into one that is results oriented.

Scope of the consultancy
The key objectives of the consultant will be to:
1. To review the organisation structure in view of the ever changing future direction and in the current socio-economic environment
2. Prepare an inception report
3. Re-align the current structure to the emerging business opportunities and environment
4. Develop criteria for a new salary structure
5. Re-align the current salary structure for sustainability, a motivated workforce and improved productivity
6. Prepare the final report and present to management and the governing council.

1. Inception Report
2. A detailed work plan.
3. Draft Reports
4. Validation meeting- The consultant will circulate the full draft report (all sections) for comments and questions ahead of a final validation meeting with the Management
5. Final Report for endorsement by the Governing council

Duration and timeline
• The duration of this assignment is expected to be a maximum of three (3) Months from the date of contract signing.

Supervision and guidance
1. The Consultant will be expected to be self-motivated and able to work independently.
2. The NC/CEO will provide a general induction to the works of WCK and the assignment at hand.
3. Supervision and support will be provided by the Chairman of the Governing Council and NC/CEO
4. Regular coordination, review and input on the various key functions will be provided by the heads of the functions

Terms and conditions
• The consultants are under the obligation of confidentiality. Information, data, database, knowledge resources in the forms of briefings, reports, proceedings, articles, essays, etc. issued by and for the WCK will be WCK’ s property and require permission for use and disclosure